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The Art of Green Neighboring

Welcome to Green-Butterfly, discover the evolution of Green Living. We are an online community dedicated to sharing information on natural recipes, gardening, recycling and much more.

In the future, Green-Butterfly will evolve into a non-profit and migrate to other communities; helping them to co-thrive through Green Neighboring. We will be holding educational seminars along with recycling and gardening events with a holistic focus on community involvement.

Even the company that this site is hosted/housed on is green.  GreenGeeks webhosting company works with environmental foundations and wind farms to put 3x the amount of energy they use back into the grid.  They are also recognized by the EPA as a green partner.

Feel free to browse the site and we welcome any comments, concerns or suggestions you may have through out “Contact” link. Also follow us on FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest.

(Note: You will have to prove you are human. Sorry about that just want to reduce spam at both ends.)

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